My Take on EWF’s 1974 “Devotion”

I grew up with Earth, Wind & Fire. I credit my dad with my affinity for classic Black music, and being such a dirty hippie. “Devotion” is one of my favorites of EWF; one of those songs that comes on shuffle and makes me melt into the fabric of the universe.

Part of what makes the song so magical is the piano backing, steady beat, and Philip Bailey’s ear-piercing whistle notes. I love his whistle notes. Overall, Devotion is a very fun song for a flexible singer to sing along to.

Good vibes aside, the lyrics speak mounds to my Christianity and all I value spiritually. While I’m not sure if Maurice White (God rest his sweet soul) was an outright Christian, he was very spiritual and incorporated a lot of Christian themes into his music. Devotion is chock full of them. I’m combing through this song and writing about what it means to me. I’ll abandon until after I’ve written this and only then I’ll realise how off the mark I probably am. Oh well!

Thru devotion, blessed are the children
Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many
your devotion, opens all life’s treasures
and deliverance, from the fruits of evil.
So our mission, to bring a melody,
ringin’ voices sing sweet harmony

Through devotion you find blessings, gifts of life, and a way out of darkness, evil, and negativity. I practice this by praying, meditating, and keeping myself inspired. Devotion to your well-being. The teacher is Jesus Christ, or anyone who teaches to love others unconditionally, the way he did. Religious beliefs aside, anyone can spread love. Anyone can practice devotion.

For you here’s a song, to make your day brighter.
One that will last, you long thru troubled days.
Giving your heart the light to brighten.
All of the dark that falls in your way
You need devotion. bless the children
deliverance from the fruits of evil

The gang at EWF is devoting to you this song for you to use as a light to brighten your dark days. I can attest to the fact that Devotion is a match that lights up my heart, and when my heart is on fire, I get sunny days, big grins on my face, and a bowl of fresh fruit. I need devotion.

In everyone’s life, there’s a need to be happy.
Let the sun shine, a smile your way.
Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion.
Maybe this song, will help uplift your day.

The first line is a universal truth. I didn’t realise how badly I wanted to be happy. I became a dark shadow, rather than absorbing the good feelings the sun gave me, I blatantly ignored it. I know better now. Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion. This song can’t do anything for you, the sunshine can’t do anything for you, an açaí bowl cain’t do jack if you don’t open your heart. You must be devoted to receive devotion and happiness.

Make a better way
You need devotion

This last line cement’s in EWF’s point. You need to have devotion to make a better way, and that goes for anything in life.

Peace & God bless,





Image by Chris Hakkens [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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